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Five Years of Willemstan - Trailer

Dictatorship: Izzy Beckhorn & Alexandra Badra I
Date Uploaded: April 18th of 2022
Platform: YouTube - Silly Goose
Video Description:

Coming soon to a Willemstan near you. Glory to Willemstan!

Current Status: Unlisted
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Next: Izzy is running for Willemstan Dictator


This was the trailer for Five Years of Willemstan, a documentary on Willemstan made by Ian Hampton. The documentary was supposed to be released in June 2022, but would not be released until September 2022 due to production delays.


The trailer features glimpses from many significant Willemstan events and projects, including the coup, System IV, Angel Delp, Willemstan Flags, Charlie and Ian's first suspension, The Revolution, and more. The narration for the trailer was taken from Willemstan: Civil War (kind of a joke but kind of serious), Andrew is running for Dictator for Willemstan’s Winter of 2019 Elections, and Sean's segment was a recording of him reading out an announcement he made in 2021.

There were originally plans for a second trailer closer to the release of the documentary, but this did not end up happening due to the production delays.