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Elijah Payton concedes from the election

Dictatorship: Eli Payton I
Date Uploaded: April 25th of 2019
Platform: YouTube - Silly Goose
Video Description:

Today at 12:45, the incumbent dictator Elijah Payton concedes the election, withdrawing from candidacy. He did this without consent from other parties, and will not provide a response as to why he did so.

Current Status: Publicly Viewable
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Eli Payton conceded from the election and later resigned as Dictator without much explanation. He deleted his election videos from Silly Goose, which unfortunately were never backed up elsewhere. He was soon asked by Charlie Nolan to appoint a replacement candidate so that the election wouldn't default to an automatic Joey Badra victory, as he was the only other announced candidate for the upcoming election.


Eli's withdrawl from the election and later resignation from the Dictator resulted in the second Acting Dictator. Since Joey was Vice Dictator at the time, a rank higher than General, Joey became Acting Dictator. According to the video, this transfer of power took place once the election began.