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[VHS Archive] Spanish II Project (1998)

Dictatorship: Annie Payton I
Date Uploaded: July 25th of 2019
Platform: YouTube - Silly Goose and Google Drive
Video Description:

Sorry, this is my 7th attempt uploading this video. The reason it kept getting blocked is because there was a copyright claim on some of the music. I had to edit that out. Here's a link to the unedited original. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GojReI7Y9W9Y2aTQ4leOTLVdADZzxfq1

Notes: Random static and distorted music is not an error, that was at the beginning of the tape. Also, I am not sure that this is the original, because after the Spanish II Project, someone used this tape to record a Republican debate in Michigan from 2010. It's just on a standard T120 VHS.

Featuring these actors: Jim S., Pat W., Matt W., Carla S., Danielle H., and Bono el Mono (voiced by mostly Pat Weber)

This was originally a school project filmed in June of 1998, by a camcorder that our school still uses weekly, in Williamston Weekly

Unlike my other captures, I edited this one slightly to omit some TV programs from the end of the video.

I may try a higher-quality reupload in the future because this one went through many video format conversions before being uploaded to YouTube.

Edit: There are now multiple higher-quality uploads

Current Status: Publicly Viewable
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In 1998, then student and later Williamston Community Schools teacher Mr. Weber created a Spanish project with several classmates. It was apparently liked enough by the Spanish teacher at the time that it was one of the few projects kept as a VHS recording. It sat in the room for over a decade, until a new Spanish teacher took over the classroom and needed to clear out all the old junk left behind. This project was one of the many VHS tapes taken from the classroom in the 2019 Salvage Operation.

It took many attempts to upload this video due to the copyrighted music included in the project. You can view the uncensored original using the Google Drive link in the description of the video.


Main article: Weber Project

Mr. Weber's Spanish project quickly became widespread in Willemstan since many members of Willemstan had Mr. Weber as a teacher in the past. This video was previously a casualty of the March Incident.