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Willemstan Industrial Union

Willemstani Economics

This article was last updated on August 16th of 2021

The logo of the WIU

The official logo of the Willemstan Industrial Union. This was pasted on most products made by the Willemstan Industrial Union. Made with Microsoft Paint.


The Willemstan Industrial Union (WIU), despite the name, is not a labor union, or labor standards organization. It is the only corporation that is legally allowed in Willemstan. It is responsible for development of the Willemstan logo, Tax Collection, as well as the funding, creation, and marketing of various domestic products in Willemstan. It is also responsible for the rebranding and marketing of some imported products. Many Willemstan Industrial Union products have never even sold one unit, such as imported Soviet pocketwatches, and many projects adopted by the Union have been abandoned. Many ventures of the WIU or products violate international copyright laws. There are some products that are not listed on this page due to them being completely copied ideas.


Charlie Nolan has been the one and only member of the Willemstan Industrial Union. As a result, he has bene basically using the WIU to make his Willemstan ventures seem more official. On July 1st 2021, after creating the Willemstan Market channels in Willemstan, Ian Hampton announced that anyone could join the WIU provided that they have a product to sell to Willemstan citizens.

Product Development

First a product idea is created, and then it is told to citizens. If the product seems like it will have some support, a prototype is created by the WIU for a budget of $0 or funded by external sources. It is then tested by citizens by WIU members and if it is fit for the market it will be advertised, and perhaps given a better budget.

Comrades' Choice

Main article: Comrades' Choice Franchise

The Willemstan Industrial Union oversees, markets, and funds the production of all Comrades' Choice volumes. Comrades' Choice was initially funded by tax donations, and then it was funded self-sufficiently by sales of Comrades' Choice volumes. After its reformation in early 2021, Comrades' Choice became used mainly as a name for Charlie's rental service.

The SHART Sirens

Main article: Willemstan I-SHAT Program

The SHART sirens are WIU series, but will most likely never be marketed to citizens. Developed by Charlie over the past year, the SHART sirens continue to be a plague for his neighbors.

Other Industrial Union Products and Ventures

The Willemstan Industrial Union has proposed and sold many computer-related projects, a fair share of which have never seen the light of day. The following list showcases some of these projects.

The Pro Gamer Laptop at Williamston High School, circa 2020.