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Wave #1 of Willemstan Citizens

This article was last updated on: March 25th of 2022

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Glory to Willemstan.


"Wave #1" is a term for people that joined Willemstan after the Move to Discord in 2018, but before the mass recruitment of underclassmen began in 2021. This term was coined by Ian Hampton as a part of his reforms to the role system in the Willemstan Discord Server during his dictatorship. Many Wave #1 members have greatly influenced Willemstan, comparable to the Original Members of Willemstan. Some have become Dictator or at least ran for Dictator in the past. A vast majority of the Wave #1 Willemstanis are class of 2022.

The following is a list of Wave #1 members. Some information may be missing because a perfect record hasn't been kept since 2019, when the hard drive containing the Willemstan citizen data was still functional.

Members of Wave #1

Alex Pham

Caleb Barker

Ian Hampton

Curren Palmer

Emily Preston

Devin Abood

Leonardo (Brazil Meme Man)

Jacob Keith

Andrew Batten

Malcolm Hollingworth

Camden Hartman


Alexandra Badra

Aidan Stubblebine

Parker Foss

Griffin Ransom

David Abraham

Izzy Beckhorn

Tala Eichler

Andrew Meyer

Brooklyn Davis