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The Willemstan - Wolfenstan War

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This article was last updated on: January 1st of 2021

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The initial announcement of the war sent out by Charlie Nolan on the 12th of December 2018.

"Josue and Nick have resigned. And they are plotting a rebellion... They plan to launch a war, which we know as of today."

- Charlie Nolan in the text document, 12/12/2018.


The Willemstan - Wolfenstan War began on December 12th of 2018 and ended on January 1st of 2019. This was mere months after the server was created, and likely contributed to the Willemstan Discord Server's early grownth from under 10 people to a server of a couple dozen. It was a war between Willemstan and "Wolfenstan", a separatist faction created by former members of Willemstan that had become bored with Willemstan and decided to start some drama. This was the most important event in Willemstan's early history, second only to the Move to Discord. An announcement of the war was posted by Charlie Nolan in a text file, alerting the citizens of what had begun.

Causes of the Willemstan - Wolfenstan War

The main cause behind the war was Josue Mejia and Nick's disinterest in Willemstan. They had been losing interest in Willemstan for months by December of 2018, and so this was their way of officially leving. The main causes for their growining disinterest in Willemstan included to the Move to Discord, as well as the Inactive Period that lasted throughout the 2018 summer break.

December 12th 2018 - 12dec18important.txt

This announcement described that Josue Mejia, the first elected Dictator, and Nick, the first General of the Willemstan military, had resigned from their positions and were planning a rebellion (Wolfenstan). They formed a monarchy with Nick as a leader. This left Charlie in the highest position of power, as there was no general or dictator, and he was told by Nick that he would become the General if Nick were to step down. Because was now the General (see Willemstan Commandments) he became an acting Dictator until the Winter 2018 Election. At this time, it was estimated that there were ~5 members of Wolfenstan and ~10 members of Willemstan. The announcment described a planned physical conflict between Wolfenstan and Willemstan, set on January 1st of 2019. This announcement also included details on an upcoming battle and Tax Collection.


"Willemstan Announcements of 12 December 2018

Josue and Nick have resigned. And they are plotting a rebellion...

Josue and Nick have left our country in order to form an opposing nation, which they are calling "Wolfenstan" (They should be sued). They plan to launch a war, which we know as of today. The first true physical battle will be on January 1st of 2019. Please note that even though we are political rivals, we can still maintain [competitive] friendships. They have announced the opposisiton as of today, on my walk home from school.

We have an inside man...

Parker Foss was a member of their military, but he was bribed into joining Willemstan and becoming a spy. Nick and Josue do not know that a secret deal has been formed with him. (His debts were offered to be nullified.) He has not yet filled out the neccessary forms to become a citizen, at the time of writing this, although he will most likely get around to it, and when he does, he will be most likely promoted to a rank such as Agent, or a mid-range military rank.

Who holds power? Me...

Nick previously (yesterday) promised me that when he left, Charlie assumes the position of General. As the constitution states (and has for 2 months), when there is no Dictator, the General shall assume the Dictator's duties and powers until another Dictator is put in place. So Charles Nolan will act as Dictator until the elections are decided (25th December; start on 14th).

Some juicy details...

Nick told me that he has an army ready to be dispatched. Parker has told me otherwise; that he can think of 2 members of Wolfenstan besides Nick and Josue. It is estimated that besides them, there are about 5 members of their cult, but we have about 10 members or so.


There will be a battle on 1st January of 2019. This could be the first, last, or somewhere in between of all the battles to be fought. The threats they hold are inspecific, nor are the intents of this rebellion known. It is a fair guess that they aim to take our resources, or as some may call it, a "dick-measurement contest" (a useless power demonstration). This could turn into psychological, or electronic warfare, because Nick and Josue have lots of dirt on us... and Josue knows pretty much all of our Willemstan internet login information.

Our needs...

We have a lot of needs. We need to collect taxes, and ANY other revenue possible (David remember how you are an official funder of Willemstan?). We need to build up an arsenal (Yes Andrew, IEDs are allowed). We also need to work on our economic standards and conditions. People should be willing to make trades between USD and the Willemstan currency's assortment of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, nails etc. in order to build up our economic significance and proper trade value. There will be a tax collection on 13th and 14th December, which is optional and highly encouraged. Also, with remorse but no regret, we will begin auctioning off some of our artifacts. Please do anything you can to get more people to join our country, or raise our funding. We should have $50 by 15th December. We currently have 1 USD and a lot of FAW (Willemstan currency).

Any questions, comments, or added information/concerns, please communicate with Charlie."

December 13th 2018

The following day, an extensive war update was released on December 13th of 2018. Josue claimed he was a spy for Willemstan and wasn't actually on the side of Wolfenstan. Understandably, this revelation was met with doubt. In further good news, Willemstan had infliltrated a third spy, as Dominic had joined the Wolfenstan military as a spy. This meant that Josue, Parker, and Dominic were now all working as spys for Willemstan. This also meant that a significant chunk of Wolfenstan's members were just Willemstan spys. It was also discovered that Wolfenstan had no government structure at the time, which meant that Nick was running a Dictatorship as well, just like Willemstan. The more things change, the more they stay the same I suppose. The update concludes with a call for recruitment as well as the classic phrase "GLORY TO WILLEMSTAN".

December 14th 2018

On December 14th of 2018, Charlie made another. much shorter war update. It begins with the assertion that Nick (presumed leader of Wolfenstan) said that he "would not agree to any diplomatic compromise", and refused Willemstan's ultimatium, which was that Wolfenstan would become a colony of Willemstan. The war goals of Wolfenstan was still unclear. At the end of the update, Charlie claimed the only solution left was to recruit a teeming mass of students from Williamston High School.

Winter 2018 Election

On December 27th of 2018, the Winter 2018 Election concluded and Eli took power, replacing Charlie, who had been directing the war as an Acting Dictator. At some point, Eli added a commandment to the Willemstan Commandments, forbiding any citizens of Willemstan from joining Wolfenstan. During the begining of Eli's Dictatorship, interest in the war began to fade.

January 1st 2019

January 1st of 2019, the promised battle. A promised physical altercation between Willemstan and Wolfenstan, some might even say a battle. Except it wasn't. The combat took place at Nick's house on New Years, but only Charlie, Parker, and Nick himself showed up. So essentially, you had the leaders of both factions, plus a double agent. They proceeded to have an airsoft battle, but only for fun and not for the Willemstan - Wolfenstan War. The battle also took place in a playground of a school in Weberville. During the fighting, Parker shot Charlie in the dick, and then Parker was shot in the dick by Nick.

Charlie Nolan's account on the battle, circa 09/02/20.

Secession of Hostilities

After January 1st of 2019, there were no further war updates. After the battle, the war was forgotten about entirely, as interest was already on the decline long before then. Technically, the war has not ended, as both sides have yet to officially agree to peace. However, Wolfenstan is long dead, so the argument can be made that Willemstan won by default.


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