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Willemstan Amendments

This article was last updated on November 8th of 2020.

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The Willemstan Amendments was a governing document in place for 45 days, back when Willemstan was briefly known as the "United States of Willemstan". The legislation was introduced during the Willemstan 1.1 Reforms and replaced the Willemstan Commandments, which had governed Willemstan for years. However, the Willemstan Amendements were deemed void and replaced by the New Articles of Willemstan, after a sudden change in leadership. This article is an exact copy of the document.

Amendment One - Willemstan Server

Breaking any section in the Willemstan Constitution will result in punishment.

If someone constantly causes problems they can be kicked out for a certain amount of time.

Amendment Two - Elections

All elections are forced, meaning if a person is voted into power they must assume the position they are voted into.

No more than 2 terms can be served consecutively for the positions of president or governor.

If you do not vote, you will be given a special nickname which will be denoted by an asterisk at the end of the name.




Amendment Three - Position's Powers




Amendment Four - Events

Events will occur at set intervals.

Events will be announced by the President, Governor, or Generals.

Certain events such as elections require mandatory voting. Failure to vote will result in being given a nickname for a set amount of time that cannot be removed until the given time is reached.

Amendment Five - Presidential Orders

Only the President can alter the Presidential Orders document.

Amendments cannot target any specific individual or small group of people.

Breaking an amendment in the Presidential Orders will result in behavioral modifications.