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The Willemstan File Service

This article was last updated on November 9th of 2020.

Image at the top of the screen.

An image of "Willemstan File Service.exe", the WFS Application.


The Willemstan File Service was created in May of 2019, as a way to send files over Discord that are greater than 8 megabytes. The service used the SUS Discord bot upload and download files to the WFS server. To get around Discord's file size limit, any file larger than 8 megabytes was broken up into 8 megabyte packets, and then sent. The packets would have to be manually recompiled at first, but later a Willemstan File Service application was developed to do it semi-automatically. Through the WFS, you could download pirated movies, programs, video games such as UOS, and cursed images.

WFS Application

The Willemstan File Service Application is only used to re-compile large files. However, it was supposed to have a greater function, and its development and eventual end were largely influenced by System III and System IV. There were plans back in the Spring of 2019 to take System II off of the HS Student Shared, and then move it onto the Willemstan File Service, and thus creating System III. The WFS Application was supposed to be developed further to include a log-in system for this new System III, and also be secure enough for use on school computers at Williamston High School. However, development was taking a long time, and so System III was created on a Google Drive folder instead. Development was canceled all together when the WHS Robotics Team acquired a computer that could be dedicated to hosting a new System folder. As a result, System IV was created on that computer, System III was deemed obsolete, and thus was the end of the Willemstan File Service.

System IV

Main article: System IV.

The Willemstan File Service was replaced by System IV. All of its contents were uploaded to System IV. The application was used at one point to recompile files sent by SuS for System IV access when out of the school, but is no longer used.

End of the Willemstan File Service

All support and SuS commands for the Willemstan File Service were officially removed in October of 2020. This was because it had become obsolete after System IV recived FTP capability in July of 2020. RIP Willemstan File Service May 2019 - October 7th 2020.