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Willemstan Government Structure

This article was last updated on: January 20th 2023

Image at the top of the screen.

A meme created by Eli Payton during the Winter 2020 Election regarding the coup against the Willemstan government that took place in March of 2020.


See also: Modern Ranking Systems

The Government of Willemstan has changed quite a few times since Willemstan's foundation back in January of 2018. A government change can be a result of old legislation simply falling out of use, or can stem from complicated reforms and the attitudes of the people overtime. Government changes have resulted in amendments to the rights of the average citizen and immigration laws. The election system has also changed many times, but is independent from the administration and mostly run by the current governing legislation. Certain undesirables have been oppressed by the state since late 2020. A ranking system has historically been used to determine the role of the citizens, but has been of little importance outside the administrative level since 2020.

During all of 2018 and most of 2019, Willemstan was often referred to as a communist nation by the citizens. In reality, Willemstan was and has always been an authoritarian regime (aside from the elections). The Willemstan Industrial Union was clearly a capitalist enterprise, and currency was used during Willemstan's early years, with some citizens hoarding most of the wealth (computer bolts). The whole notion of Willemstan being communist was merely a product of edgy middle school behavior.

Charlie's Willemstan Government (January 2023 - Present)

This government was created during Charlie Nolan's first Dictatorship. It was created as a successor to the 1984 Government, retaining a very similar structure but returned to a Willemstan theme. The Proles were renamed back to Citizens, and the "Outer Party" rank was dissolved. Members of Charlie's administration were titled "Governors". Like all modern Willemstan governments, the Dictator rules with absolute power, guided only by the New Articles of Willemstan.

1984 Government (February 2022 - December 2022)

This government was created during Izzy & Alexandra's dictatorship. It was engineered to replace the old government system which had been proven ineffective, and to restore a general theme to the ranking system in Willemstan. The Dictator holds absolute power, but is bound by a term limit of two terms. The administration is refered to as the "Inner Party", who are given administrative permisions. The "Outer Party" rank was implemented as a status symbol. The citizens rank was renamed to "The Proles".

Due to the absence of the General rank, and the fact that there are multiple members of the Inner Party, succession laws were unclear. Should the elected Dictator step down, there was no legislation on what should occur and who exactly should take power to replace the Dictator. While there has not been a need for an Acting Dictator in years, we could only hope that remained the case.

Ian's Willemstan Government (July 2021 - February 2022)

This government was created after the election of Ian Hampton. It was designed to expand the administration with more diverse positions, while also keeping the power centralized at the Dictator and General level. The Dictator continued to have absolute power, but was bound by a term limit of two terms. Just like the early government of Willemstan, there was only one General, who held administrative power and would become Acting Dictator if the elected Dictator was incapacitated. The Senior Strategist position was also brought back, but fullfilled a different purpose than just a high-level rank. There were two Senior Strategists in the government (later three), who worked with the Dictator & General and contributed suggestions for reforms and activities in the server. There were also two Enforcers (originally called Willemstani Secret Police), who administered salt mine punishments and made sure the will of the Dictator and New Articles of Willemstan was respected. Finally, there was the Event Host rank, members of the server that didn'thave any administrative power, but could create and host server events. Undesirables were still oppressed under the "can" system.

In the last months of this govenrnment form, both the Enforcer and Senior Strategist ranks were given to most members of Izzy & Alexandra's administration. It was further changed with the addition of the Willemstan Informant rank, which gave administrative permisions.

Willemstan Secret Police

Recruiting for the Willemstan Secret Police began on September 16th of 2021, and was officially formed through a WhatsApp group on September 29th of 2021. Run by Andrew Meyer, the group served to inform Andrew on local happenings. It was not affliated with the rest of the Willemstan Government.

Sean's Willemstan Government (January 2021 - June 2021)

This government was created after the second election of Sean Kavanagh. It was very similar to both the early government and Willemstan 1.2. The Dictator had absolute power if they chose, and were assisted by a small team of two Generals, who operated like the the original General position did in old systems. The Generals had total administrative power, but could be removed from power at any time by the Dictator. The salt mine served as the punishment system of the server, in which deviants were forced to "mine" a quota of salt in a text channel for several days. Undesirables were oppressed under the Wee Willemstan system.

Willemstan 1.2 Government (June 2020 - December 2020)

This government was founded through the Willemstan 1.2 Reforms and New Articles of Willemstan by the Construction Crew. It was an improved form of the centralized government seen in 2020 just before the first reforms. The Dictator held total power and had a team of admins that lacked total administrative power, known as "Admin V2"s. However, that wasn't to say they didn't hold significant influence. While the Dictator technically held all power, they opted to work with the admin team and vote on issues together. Undesirables were oppressed under the Haram Pit system.

Failed Democratic Government of Willemstan (May 2020 - June 2020)

Main article: Willemstan 1.1

In May of 2020, Sean Kavanagh, Charlie, and Dawson M. scrapped the old government system, including the Willemstan Commandments and ranking system. They established a new system based on elected represenatives and less corrupt elections decided by popular vote. Additionally, almost all admins were removed, but the Dictator faced some restrictions. It was well recived at first, but the citizens turned against the system after Dawson left the server and the government failed to seriously address concerns regarding the Summer 2020 Election. This caused serious concern regarding the state of Willemstan, and so Eli Payton and Malcolm Hollingworth overthrew the government and established a new one.

Early Government of Willemstan (January 2018 - May 2020)

Main article: Original Ranking System

At first, Willemstan was effectivly under total control of the Dictator thanks to Josue Mejia and Charlie Nolan's de-facto rule over the Silly School for Cosmic Children (Google Classroom). However, after the Move to Discord government power became more and more decentralized. Charlie, Eli Payton, and Joey Badra all held enormus influence in the Willemstan Discord Server because of Josue's lack of interest in Willemstan. Eventually, Eli became Dictator of Willemstan in late 2018, but by then the Willemstan Ranking System had been upgraded and gave significant power to the Right Hand Man, General, and Senior Strategists.

Eventually, power began to move back towards the Dictator as the Willemstan Ranking System gradually fell out of use in 2019 and early 2020. This resulted in the unofficial disbanding of the Right Hand Man/Vice Dictator and Senior Strategist positions during 2019. The general position was effectively a label for Charlie, who was reduced to election management and occasional announcements, and largely worked on his own projects for Willemstan during this period. Power shifted to only the Dictator and administrative team, the concept of high ranking citizens was largely discarded. Despite all of these changes, it was effectivly the same govenment system.