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Willemstan Minecraft Server

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This article was last updated on: September 26th of 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

The ruins of the Eternal Tower after being blown up on June 1st of 2021.

"Attention all members of the Willemstan Minecraft Server. The Rebellion seeks members. We dedicate ourselves to the construction of a great tower. We are a very new faction, but we are heavily armed, and have Charlie on our side. We promise equality among all members, and equal hatred of our enemies. Contact me for details."

- Ian Hampton's recruiting pitch for the rebellion in #gaming, 06/01/21.


The Willemstan Minecraft Server was founded on May 25th of 2021 by Charlie Nolan. It uses an ip address as the ip for the server. It is hosted on System IV, and as such, the server doesn't always run the best. However, on June 1st of 2021, Charlie allocated more memory and CPU power to the server. The Willemstan Minecraft Server has turned out to be as chaotic as one would expect, with Charlie frequently abusing his admin powers and establishing stuff like fighting pits.

World #1 (May 25th 2021 - June 8th 2021)

This world was established on the 1.16 version of Minecraft. There were absolutely no rules or regulations. Charlie Nolan was the only administrator and frequently abused his power for fun and to cause chaos. This was a typical Minecraft world founded alongside the start of the server. Within only a few days, the spawn was home to several withers and littered with holes. These withers were spawned by Andrew M, who was given the supplies by Charlie. On June 1st, Charlie exploded 16 thousand blocks of TNT at spawn. On that same day, the first war broke out on the server, resulting in countless TNT craters and the destruction of several bases. By June 2nd of 2021, hacking had become widely accepted. The world was eventually discarded after the new Minecraft update.

The Qiraji

Jacob Keith and Devin Abood founded The Qiraji right when the server began. Due to the immense amount of time they are willing to dedicate to playing Minecraft, they were easily the most advanced faction. They built their first base very far away from spawn, but on June 1st 2021 it was carpet bombed by Charlie and destroyed. This faction is focused on collecting kills, and have become nomads since the distruction of their base. The two started a war with The Rebellion in June, which they won.


Skulls Collected

The Rebellion

The Rebellion was founded on June 1st by Eli Payton and Ian Hampton. The Rebellion dedicates itself to building its base as tall as possible, with whatever materials they have on hand. This results in an intentionally crude tower. The goal of the rebellion is to disrupt the status quo as much as possible and cause chaos. All morals are generally disregarded. Anyone who works with the rebellion is viewed favorably, but those that don't or refuse to join are considered enemies. Within the first day, The Rebellion grew to seven members, including Charlie. The first base, the "Eternal Tower", was established on June 1st, but was also destroyed on that day. Following the attack, The Rebellion constructed a new Eternal Tower in the middle of nowhere. This new tower was constructed on a very small island in the middle of a massive ocean. A second small island, located next to the tower, was used to plant trees. The new Eternal Tower was much bigger than the previous one, 14 stories compared to the previous 6. However, the new Eternal Tower was destroyed in a complicated accident during the war with The Quraji. This prompted Ian to leave The Rebellion, and the faction collapsed soon after that.


Warfare and Drama

The Qiraji vs The Rebellion (June 2021)

On June 1st of 2021, Jacob and Devin advanced towards the Eternal Tower. Their goal was to capture the heads of Kendal and Liam to add to their wall of kills. Naturally, The Rebellion could not allow such a dishonor of their members to occur. Ian opted to defend them, and soon enough Andrew also joined in. This left the Eternal Tower under siege, with The Qiraji planning an attack while The Rebellion was stuck inside. During the siege, The Rebellion was suffering through an extreme arrow and food shortage. However, thanks to the time they were given during the siege, they were able to solve both of these problems. A farm was started, and over 60 arrows were manufactured. Kendal was able to obtain a full set of netherite from resources collected earlier. Eventually, once Charlie joined the server to defend The Rebellion, the tide changed dramatically. Charlie supported The Rebellion by giving them food, cannon supplies, and by turning himself into a suicide bomber. During the battle, Andrew and Liam were killed, but their stuff was recovered. The Rebellion retaliated through TNT bombings, both Charlie-made and naturally made. These attacks drove off Jacob and Devin, and they retreated because they did not want to go against Charlie. Following the events of this battle, Charlie agreed to be less extreme with his admin abuse. In an act of petty revenge, The Qiraji blew up the tower after members of The Rebellion logged off for the day. This resulted in the destruction of most of the eight thousand TNT given to them by Charlie. The Qiraji denied responsibility for the attack at first.

On June 2nd, Charlie announced that he would be leaving The Rebellion and become neutral, in order to avoid giving a further advantage to The Rebellion. The Qiraji discovered the new Eternal Tower very quickly, because a member of The Rebellion decided it would be a great idea to build a nether portal in a strip mine right next to the new base location. They occupied the tree island and prepared to attack. It was blown up by Rebellion members. They also added a few floors to the tower out of pity. A battle was scheduled for June 3rd.

On June 3rd, Jacob and Devin discovered some TNT underneath the Eternal Tower while waiting for battle, and assumed it was an emergency self destruct system. It was actually a trap set up by Liam to use against his fellow Rebellion members. They decided to stack more TNT on the side of the building in response. A couple hours later, a creeper exploded next to Liam, triggering all of the TNT. Half of the tower was destroyed in a matter of seconds. Ian left The Rebellion as a result of this. Following the destruction, The Qiraji hunted down Liam and Kendal, and they became fugitives. Rumors quickly spread that Liam and Kendal were traitors to The Rebellion.

On June 4th, the manhunt for Kendal continued. Since Kendal, Jacob, and Devin were all fly hacking, it became very hard for them to actually catch up to each other. It was just a constant and endless chase. At some point, Kendal stopped by at his own base, but Charlie sold out the coordinates to The Quiraji. Once Jacob arrived, Kendal jumped him and attempted to fight Jacob. Jacob nearly beat Kendal, and so he combat logged. He returned, the fight continued, but after being reduced to three hearts, Kendal flew away. Jacob and Devin destroyed his base as a result, concluding the hunt. Also on June 4th, The Rebellion was disbanded after many of its members left due to distrust of one another. This means The Quiraji have won the conflict.

World #2 (June 8th 2021 - June 14th 2021)

On June 8th of 2021, Charlie logged into the Minecraft world and was angry to find that his work-in-progress town he was building had been destroyed. Because of this, and the other large explosion pits all across the world, he generated a new world for the Minecraft server to use. Also, he updated the server to use Minecraft 1.17. This world failed to catch on compared to the last, and the Willemstan Minecraft Server soon closed down after Charlie tried to update it to version 1.19 and ran into problems. It remained closed for a long time due to technical probelms with the server.

'willemstan2' (September 13th 2022)

In early September of 2022, Charlie decided to attempt to fix the Minecraft server and after some computer frustration he was successful. He generated a new world, and has been wasting many hours on it, building a town. Several other people have also been playing it.