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Willemstan Server Events

Willemstani Economics

This article was last updated on: December 5th 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

Messages detailing the first Willemstan server event, circa November 14th of 2018.

"Another amazing server event brought to you by the current administration... Glory to Willemstan."

- Ian Hampton announcing the Among Us Competition, 08/26/20.


Server Events in Willemstan have a rather complicated history. There were no server events during the Silly School Era, probably because it was impossible to coordinate well on Google Classroom. The first server event was on November 14th of 2018, which was hosted by Eli Payton. After that, server events were forgotten about until March of 2020, when Sean Kavanagh and his administration brought them back in the form of Minecraft Bloodsport Matches. These were a success, but quickly died in only a couple days. After that, a Jackbox Party event was hosted every now and then by various people. The Willemstan Civil War was a failed attempt at bringing back regular server events.

Server events finally occured on a regular basis from August 2020 - March 2021. In August and September 2020, Ian Hampton hosted Cosmoteer Tournaments as a monthly event. Then, Willemstan moved to a weekly event system from October 2020 - February 2021. These were mostly hosted by Ian, although Joey, Malcolm, and Eli sometimes hosted partypack events. Sever events were decided by Eli Payton's administration until the Winter 2020 Election, in which Eli was replaced by Sean. For the first month, the weekly events were decided by a Sean's Administration and Willemstan Hero: First Class. However, in February of 2021, Ian made the weekly event votes public. The Willemstan's Economy was integrated with Willemstan's events in order to boost participation, but this achieved limited results at best and was eventually removed. On March 1st of 2021, Ian announced he was "ending weekly events until further notice", and cited falling participation for doing so.

On April 16th of 2021, Ian integrated the games Cosmoteer, Hnefatafl, and Diplomacy into Willemstan in an effort to spark new interest in those games and bring back events on some level. During April of 2021, three games of Diplomacy were organized on Willemstan. During May of 2021, there was a second failed attempt of doing a Willemstan Jeopardy event, but another game of Diplomacy was played. A Hnefatafl tournament was attempted that month also, but was unfortunately never completed. Interest in Hnefatafl returned in September of 2021 for a time, and a fifth Diplomacy game was started in September 2021. In November 2021, the first Crab Game event occured, and Willemstan was on the verge of completing its second Hnefatafl tournament.

Scribble.io Server Events

Scribble.io is a short online game similar to Pictionary. This game was chosen for the first server event on Willemstan.

Scribble.io Event #1

This event was hosted by Eli. It was supposed to take place on November 14th of 2018, but was delayed until November 15th of 2018. Participation is unknown.

Minecraft Bloodsport Matches

Hosted on Minecraft, these occurred during Sean's Dictatorship. The rules were simple, members of Willemstan fought in a small ring in a tournament bracket format. The winner received a rank promotion, but could not be promoted to admin or higher. These were originally planned to be monthly, but after the first two matches interest was lost, and the practice was further ended when the Willemstan Ranking System was removed.

Minecraft Bloodsport Match #1

Announced by Joey on March 24th of 2020. Participation is unknown.

Minecraft Bloodsport Match #2

Announced by Sean on March 27th of 2020, and was set to occur on March 28th of 2020. Participants included the following, though this may not be 100% accurate as the names are being pulled from memory:

Jackbox Partypack Events

These events use the Jackbox Partypack games. The first event was ran by Ethan, but were eventually ran by other server members including Malcolm, Ian, Eli, and Joey. Partypack events have been positively received by the Willemstani public, and in late 2020 Joey and Eli obtained all of the games.

Quiplash Game #1

Hosted on March 29th of 2020 by Ethan R. Participation is unknown.

Quiplash Game #2

Hosted on April 1st of 2020. Participation is unknown.

Jackbox Partypack Event #1

Hosted on October 23rd of 2020, this was a return of the partypack related events. Hosted by Ian, the event had much lower participation than expected but was still considered a success of sorts. The winner was Joey. List of who participated:

Jackbox Partypack Event #2

Hosted on November 6th of 2020, the event was planned and supposed to be hosted by Ian. However after life issues arose, Malcolm ran the event in his place. Participants unknown.

Jackbox Partypack Event #3

Hosted on December 4th of 2020 by Joey and Malcolm. The event had decent participation and was a success. List of who participated:

Jackbox Partypack Event #4

Hosted on December 23rd of 2020 by Ian and Malcolm. The event had less participation than expected. List of who participated:

Jackbox Partypack Event #4

Hosted on January 15th of 2021 by Eli. List of who participated:

Jackbox Partypack Event #5

Hosted on June 29th of 2021 by Joey. List of who participated:

Jackbox Partypack Event #6

Hosted on July 1st of 2021 by Eli and Joey. List of who participated:

Jackbox Partypack Event #7

Hosted on July 7th of 2021 by Eli and Joey. List of who participated:

Willemstan Civil War

The Willemstan Civil War events were a series of events to boost server activity during the summer. In fact, the whole point of the Willemstan Civil War was to have these events. They were hosted by Ian H and did not receive much enthusiasm or participation. Part of the reason for its failure was that no other members of the admin team had any ideas for more events, and so the project quickly fell apart due to a lack of ideas.

Event #1 - Propaganda Contest

Began on June 21st of 2020 and ended on July 7th of 2020. It had many deadline extensions and was hosted by Ian. The following people participated:


Terraria is a 2D multiplayer sandbox game. So far, only one Terraria event has been hosted, and this was by Malcolm H.

Terraria Event #1

Took place on August 4th of 2020 and hosted by Malcolm. It was the first event to use the new Willemstan Economy Initiative. Participation is unknown

Cosmoteer Tournaments

Cosmoteer is a 2D free to play sandbox and simulation game. So far two tournaments have been hosted, both by Ian H. They recived decent participation and were well received, but the fact that each event took almost a whole month to complete from start to finish was a major turn-off and lead to burnout. These tournaments used the Willemstan Economy Initative.

Cosmoteer Tournament #1

The sign up period was from August 10th of 2020 to August 14th of 2020. The tournament concluded on August 25th of 2020 with the upload of the "Cosmoteer Tournament #1" video. Devin Abood was the winner of the event. You can watch the video here.

Cosmoteer Tournament #2

The sign up period was from September 1st of 2020 to mid September. The tournament concluded on September 30th of 2020, but the video wasn't uploaded for weeks to come. This event had higher participation than the last and was a success. Eli won the event. You can watch the video here.

Among Us Competition

Among Us is a multiplayer game similar to Trouble in Terrorist Town. So far only one event has occurred, but it was met with high turnout. The Willemstan Economy Initiative was used.

Among Us Competition

Announced on August 26th of 2020 and occurred on August 28th of 2020. The event was hosted by Ian, there was supposed to be commentary by Joey, Eli, and/or Malcolm but that didn't happen because turnout was slightly lower than anticipated. Devin A won first place, Joey B took second, and Ian H took third. Everyone who participated:

Minecraft Arena Battles

Months after the discontinued Bloodsport matches, Ian brought back Minecraft events to Willemstan using a new arena world. The logic behind this was that Ian wanted to implement weekly server events, and since Minecraft generated high participation previously it was the game of choice.These events generated record-breaking participation, but did suffer their fare share of controversy, mainly due to gamer rage. The first event was announced on October 28th of 2020, and all arena battles used the Willemstan Economy Initiative.

Minecraft Arena Battle #1

The first event was on October 30th of 2020. Ten people participated, which is an all time high for Willemstan server events. The event was met with generally positive reception. The "red team" consisting of Ian, Devin A, Jacob, Izzy, and Jessa won the event.

Minecraft Arena Battle #2

The second event was on November 13th of 2020. Eight people participated, which was less than last time but still impressive. Many minor tweaks were made to the event, most notably it was broken up into two half hour rounds. Participants included:

Minecraft Arena Battle #3

The third event was on February 13th of 2021 and carried into the morning of February 14th.

Minecraft Arena Battle #4

The third event was on December 4th of 2021. 15 people signed up, but only six showed up. As a result, several games of UHC were played instead, in which Kendal won every single game. Following that, one match of Arena Battle was played, in which the blue team was victorious.

Minecraft Battle Siege Events

The Minecraft Battle Siege Events began in December of 2020. Inspired by an old YouTube series, the players were split into a creative and survival team and had to clash after an hour's time. The creative team also had to defend a single obsidian block, in addition to their lives. Building rules were very lenient for this genre, unlike the Arena Battles, Willemstan Bucks was not given out for these events. At first, the rule was a 1:3 ratio for the teams, but now we are considering a 1:2 ratio.

Battle Siege Event #1

Hosted on December 11th of 2020 by Ian Hampton. 6 people participated, but Ethan rage quit. There was one round that evening, in which Kendal was in the creative team (red) versus everyone else (blue team). The survival team did not find an abundance of resources unfortunately, and faced many difficulties when assaulting the creative team's base. For one, they backed just barely enough building blocks, and two, most ran out of food within 10 minutes. Since Kendal built a skybase this match, he was able to constantly rain arrows on several members of the blue team, constantly draining their stamina and health. Kendal's base featured a lava pit below it, which was also wrapped in sponges. Joey was taken out by Kendal after he was shot off a building pillar, and the sponges sucked up his clutched water bucket. Devin was killed after he was shot into a lava pit. However, the blue team managed to win the match after Jacob dropped water on Kendal's base from above, setting off a ton of TNT minecarts that killed Kendal. This was the first win of the survival team.

Battle Siege Event #2

Hosted on December 30th of 2020 by Ian Hampton. 4 people participated in a single match. Ian was the creative team this round, and decided to build an underground base with several traps. These included a void trap and several TNT rigged halways. However, during construction, one of the TNT halls were set off by a creeper, destroying a part of the base. When the assault finally came, the survival team was decently equipped. David and Devin were killed by a TNT hallway trap, in which a layer of TNT above a hallway was set off by Ian, creating an enormous explosion that they could not avoid in time. Kendal approached from a different route, and even started mining the obsidian, but accidentally trapped himself and was soon killed by Ian. This was the first win of the creative team.

Battle Siege Event #3

Hosted on January 6th of 2020 by Ian Hampton. 6-7 people participated. TIn the first round, Ian was the only member of the creative team against five others. He constructed a base in the sky, that primarily revolved around fire charges and scatter cannons for defense. He also made an enormous lava pool below his base, but this was rushed due to time constraints and poor internet connection. He also had a layer of dispensers that released firecharges and tnt, and while this proved a deterrent, it could have been better. When the fighting began, the survival team was incredibly wealthy, with almost three full sets of diamond armor. Malcolm, David, and Jacob first attempted to assault the base after disabling the lava pool, but were soon scared off by the base defenses. Devin, and later the rest of the team, eventually decided to pillar over and took advantage of the small amount of space between Ian's base and build height. Kendal was trying to enter through the nether but never succeeded. Eventually, Jacob, Devin, and Malcolm landed on Ian's base and attacked him in a 3 v 1, ending the round in a quick manner. However, the obsidian was actually broken before Ian's death. Click this to watch a cinematic video of the match.

Andrew and Malcolm were on the creative team in the second match. They constructed an endstone base surrounded by lava, with an obsidian burred somewhere in there. Andrew also set up a number of mines. The survival team gathered a plentiful amount of resources, but were not as wealthy as the previous round. Building blocks were also a slight issue. During the siege phase, Jacob and Devin constructed a main skybridge to attack the base, but arrived at a stalemate with the creative team. In the meantime, Ian was pillaring up, taking advantage of a blind-spot the lava had created. He attempted to dig into the base, but drowned. After that, Joey began pillaring up in a manner similar to Ian. Jacob and Devin covered for Joey as he approached the buildheight. However, after Joey slightly botched his efforts, he was detected and shot off his pilar. On the bright side, this gave time for Jacob and Devin to successfully jump onto the base, in which they killed Andrew and severely injured Malcolm. Malcolm abandoned the base in a flight for his life, but was soon hunted down and killed by them. Click this to watch a cinematic video of the match.

Risk Event

Everybody knows the board game Risk. Previously, members of Willemstan played the game on a mobile app by Hasbro during lunch. In Febrary of 2021, Ian added it to the weekly event poll.

Risk Event #1

Occurred on February 20th of 2021. It only managed to win the weekly vote because Minecraft and Partypack was taken off the list to encourage diversity. Three rounds of RISK were played, with four participants and a bot each. The first round was a landslide by David. The second game was very close, but Devin ultimately won after a long war with David and Andrew. The third and final round was one by Ian in a landslide, but not as good of a landslide as the first round.


Diplomacy is 50 year old negotiation & strategy based board game, that has since gained a cult like following and a surge in popularity thanks to the rise of web-based platforms for Diplomacy. While a few members of Willemstan have been playing Diplomacy since August 2019, Ian brought Diplomacy to Willemstan in April 2021 in an effort to build a new group and spark interest in the game once again.

Willemstan Diplomacy #1

Occurred on April 19th of 2021. This was a 5 player game of Diplomacy hosted on vDiplomacy. Five citizens of Willemstan played the variant "The Ancient Mediterranean". The game ran for about 3.5 hours, and ended in a three way draw between Joey, Ian, and Andrew.

Willemstan Diplomacy #2

Occurred on April 21st of 2021. This was a 5 player game of Diplomacy hosted on vDiplomacy. Five citizens of Willemstan played the variant "The Ancient Mediterranean". The game ran for about 2 hours, and ended in a solo win by Ian.

Willemstan Diplomacy #3

Occurred on April 23rd of 2021. This was a 4 player game of Diplomacy hosted on vDiplomacy. Four citizens of Willemstan played the variant "Atlantic Colonies". The game ran for about 2 hours, and ended in a four way draw.

Willemstan Diplomacy #4

Occurred on May 19th of 2021. This was a 4 player game of Diplomacy hosted on vDiplomacy. Four citizens of Willemstan played the variant "NorthSea Wars". The game ran for about 2 hours, and ended in a solo win by Malcolm.

Willemstan Diplomacy #5

Began on September 11th of 2021. This was a 5 player game of Diplomacy hosted on vDiplomacy. Five citizens of Willemstan played the variant "The Ancient Mediterranean", but with 48 hour turns instead of a live game. The game finished in a draw on October 25th of 2021.

Gary's Mod

Gary's Mod is a sandbox game that many members of Willemstan have on Steam. Despite this, the first event involving the game only occured in October 2021.

Gary's Mod Event #1

The event took place on October 23rd of 2021. While nine people signed up for that day, only five showed up. Hide & Go Seek and Death Run were played during the event.

Crab Game

Crab Game is a free to play game on Steam that is definitely not inspired by a popular South Korean TV show.

Crab Game Event #1

The event took place on November 26th of 2021 from 9pm - 11pm. Seven people signed up for the event, and eight showed up. This made it one of the most attended events in recent memory. Many of the attendees were underclassmen recruited to Willemstan in the months prior. Xander won most of the games.