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The Willemstan Twitter Accounts

Questionable Activity

This article was last updated on: September 11th of 2022

Image at the top of the screen.

Dawson announcing the Twitter account to members of Willemstan.


The first Willemstan Twitter account was created on May 4th 2020. The username and password was available to all members of Willemstan, meaning everyone on Willemstan can post something if they want to. The profile picture of the account is the image of Mr. Weber from the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish website. Despite the profile picture, the twitter account was not trying to seriously impersonate Mr. Weber. After the abandonment of the first account, a 2nd one was made available to the public on November 7th of 2020. However, the second one died to inactivity after a couple weeks.

The largely unfunny initiative reached critical mass during the March Incident, in which Charlie Nolan rushed to shut down the accounts in order to prevent their discovery by school administrators. While he succeeded in deleting the second twitter account, the first was still online, as the password was long lost. Charlie and other citizens of Willemstan began several attempts over the course of 2021 to get the original account shutdown. They eventually succeeded when Ian went through the password recovery steps in September 2021.

Willemstan Public Messages 1 Tweets

Every tweet sent out by the account was posted in #tweets in the Willemstan Discord Server. This channel was removed after it was discovered the account was inaccessible. Over 143 tweets were sent, in the three days it was active. The tweets were all shitposts, and were usually very rude. 99% of the posts were made by Dawson Morgan, with only a handful from Charlie.


Activity on the account lasted a whole three days, as there were not any new tweets after May 7th. The creator of the account left Willemstan after a falling-out and we assumed he changed the password or deactivated the account. However, on March 11th of 2021 it was discovered that he did not change the password, someone else did and has not come forward. However, this isn't really considered a loss given the nature of the content posted in the account.


A mostly unused Twitter account made an unknown time ago was renamed and given the Weber profile picture on November 7th of 2020. The username and password were given out to all citizens of Willemstan. The account is called Willemstan 2, and has been used to troll Williamston Community-related accounts and other people. It has been blocked by the Williamston Community Schools Athletic account. Here is the tweet which announced the return of a public Willemstan Twitter account.

Willemstan Public Messages 2 Tweets

Once again, these tweets were mostly shitposts. Many of the tweets were rude but nowhere close to the extreme of the previous account. The account also tweeted at several Williamston twitter accounts in hopes of getting a response. More people contributed to this account than the last, but it died after only a week or so. Charlie made a majority of the posts, but others such as Ian, Joey, and Eli also contributed a few.

Termination of the Twitter Accounts

On March 11th of 2021, the second Twitter account was deleted in fear that it would be discovered by Williamston Community Schools after they had discovered the existence of Silly Goose and Willemstan.com. A tweet was sent that evening shortly before the deletion, saying "Goodbye, cruel world." Immediately after, he account was deactivated and lost to history. The deletion and final tweet were screen-recorded and posted as an unlisted video on Silly Goose. The original count remained up because Charlie was unable to access it.

On May 21st of 2021, Charlie decided to try and get twitter to take down the account for him. In order to do this, he impersonated Mr. Weber and ironically reported the account for harassment and impersonation. This did not work.

Charlie's messages to Ian and Sean in the System IV group chat, 05/21/21.

Charlie considered trying to report the account again, but never did. In August 2021, Charlie's interest in the account renewed. He made a plea in #notifications on August 24th of 2021 asking whoever knows the email and password for the account to come forward, and accurately described the account as "a ticking time bomb". Ian noted that Dawson made the vast majority of the posts, and suggested that Willemstan could collectively blame it on him if the account were to be discovered. However, given Willemstan's track record with school authorities, they may just drag us all down with Dawson anyway. The next day, Ian reported the account to Twitter for "targeted harassment", citing five of the tweets about Ms. Baldwin, in an effort to get Twitter to suspend the account.

Finally, in September 2021, Ian succeeded in taking down the original Willemstan Twitter by reseting the password.