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Willemstan Website Blog

This article was last updated on: November 29th 2022

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The official icon for the System IV server, where Willemstan.com is based.


The Willemstan Website Blog was a Willemstan.com page created by Charlie Nolan and Ian Hampton. Like much of the website, it was made with basic HTML and Javascript. The goal of the blog was to serve as a source of information for Willemstan citizens, which would receive the occasional entry by Ian or Charlie. The first blog post was made on October 20th 2020. In total, 12 posts would be made, until the blog was abandoned in late 2021. It was abandoned largely because it was poorly made, and there was no evidence Willemstan members were really utilizing it. Furthermore, sending a notification in Discord to relay information was more accessible and effective. In late 2022, the decision was made to hide the blog page and eventually delete it.

Blog Archive

7 October 2021 - Update & Future Plans

Hey team! Just getting the dust off the ol' wiki blog. Today, the iconic WHS Robotics Team article has returned to the website. However, all of the information about our controversial actions has been removed from it. Regardless, it should still be a very entertaining article, and has a lot of information on our current robotics season for those uninitiated. This is the fifth article to be released back to Willemstan.com following the March Incident. We may rework more articles in a similar manner, but no guarantees. We're still treading lightly and have no desire to annoy the administration any further. Looking towards the future, we plan to improve the log-in system and Willemstan.com's main page. Cheers.

15 March 2021 - Massive Update

Hello. This is Charlie. Recently, the Willemstan Wiki has undergone massive changes on the website itself and the technical side. I won't go deep into detail, but many articles are now password-protected and System IV has received a huge security overhaul as well. Willemstan.com may have some broken pages until this is all done, and may not load at all sometimes. We are manually reviewing all articles.

27 January 2021 - Server Upgrades and Live Camera Feeds

The SuS server will soon have more capacity. I've ordered 2 2.5" external hard disk adaptors, and have 2 500GB hard disks that I have to attach to them. This will bring the total server capacity to 2 terabytes. The website has also been updated significantly. 3 links have been added to the sidebar: a link to the Live Camera Feed, a link to developer tools (for tests and troubleshooting), and a link to a page which shows what articles have been updated since you've last visited them. Live Camera Feed 8 is currently ongoing, with a different computer than we anticipated, because the computer we planned to use was too slow. We will be changing this, because the computer that we are currently using has some other uses in the room, and is quite loud and large (and therefore suspicious). 10 USB webcams have been ordered and when they arrive, a few of those cameras will be used in the livestream. For example, if we use 4, we could have 1 pointing at 1 door, one pointing at the other, one on the ceiling, and one facing outside. Much more entertaining than just the room. That's all for now.

25 January 2021 - Website Fixes and Server Changes

About a week ago, the configuration of the server was changed, in order to integrate a second hard drive into the System IV FTP server. This means that weekly backups of the server no longer occur, but that it has more space. All of this space (500 GB) was dedicated to the public folder, so feel free to upload more onto it. Also, various website problems were fixed. So now you can open an image in a new tab and it will actually show the image, instead of garbled text data.

23 January 2021 - Status Update IV

Lots of improvements have been made to the wiki recently. The random page function is now actually random, which is cool. Five new articles have been created recently. These are "Willemstan-IT Men Skirmishes", "Google Drive", "Willemstan Propaganda", "Flex Tape Propaganda", and "Ok2Say Propaganda". Going forward, we're going to potentially rewrite the Comrades' Choice article and make sure these newer articles are referenced more in existing articles. Charlie is working on fixing the issue with opening images in a new tab.

5 December 2020 - Origins

Just a YTP that was one of the first laughed over in the Silly School for Cosmic Children, Willemstan's predecessor... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MjdyurrP6c

1 December 2020 - Winter 2020 Election

The candidate registration process begins today for the Winter 2020 election. Check the discord server for more information, as any registered Willemstan citizens can run for Dictator.

15 November 2020 - Another Status Update

Hello again. Many articles have been updated and rewritten recently, so I though I would shed some light on that. The summary on the Homepage was almost entirely rewritten, and new sections were added to the Willemstan Discord Server article. The Leadership article was re-organized, and new information regarding the impact of each Dictator was added. A new article, "Political Parties of Willemstan", was made and should receive heavy updating as election season begins. "Minecraft WHS Project" is another new article as well. Other articles are also in the works. The People of Willemstan articles have received minor changes, but the Willemstan 1.1 article was almost completely rewritten. Gearing towards the future, expect major changes in election related articles, and small expansions and rewrites across the board. On a final note, more articles now require you to be logged in. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but since the IT Men are still on payroll, you can never be too careful.

14 November 2020 - Server Status Update

Yo, whatup. It appears that the SuS Server can go a while longer without a storage space upgrade, as the automatic deletion of old stolen memes appears to be functioning properly. Free space on the server is fluctuating between about 100 and 25 gigabytes on a daily basis. Eventually I still might add another HDD for more storage space, and archival of some Wiki data. Since I have some hard drives lying around, all I would need would be a USB adapter. So, in conclusion, the server is fine for now.

29 October 2020 - Status Update

Hey Willemstan, just thought I would provide a quick update on the wiki since you wont be seeing many updates to the Updates page anymore. This month, we added three new articles, including one on Mr. Gailitis, our favorite science teacher. Andrew M has also been welcomed to the wiki development team, and Charlie has developed a random articles function, as well as a basic login system. Looking ahead, the login system will eventually be polished and completed, but this will probably take some time. We're still figuring out what to do about the storage problem noted below, and a few articles will probably be updated and rewritten soon, on top of the ones already rewriten and updated this month.

20 October 2020 - Future Server Upgrades

The System IV server is starting to run out of space... there are less than 100 gigabytes free on the hard disk, with almost 400 used. We have up to 2.75 terabytes that can be added to the system, with the purchase of a SATA docking station. So if it appears that the hard drive is still filling up within the next few days, I will order the part necessary to increase the space usable by System IV and the Willemstan Wiki. That could also enable new features and better archival, with more space at our disposal. This could introduce problems though as the server currently does weekly hard drive backups, but with the added primary space, backups would require more space that I do not have and take more time and processing power from the computer.

20 October 2020 - The First Blog

This is an example and test of the blog system. Enjoy