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Willemstan Website

Fund Appropriation

This article was last updated on: March 2nd 2021

Willemstan.com's current logo

The logo of Willemstan and Willemstan.com


The Willemstan Website was created a few days or weeks after System IV originally, between October and December of 2019. Since then, the original code has been lost to time. The website made a return many months after Willemstan Wiki was released, recived a total overhaul, and became an actual website as it is now hosted on Willemstan.com.

Integration with System IV

Main article: System IV

The website was originally only accessible from WHS, via its direct IP address, and was hosted on the same server as System IV with the same host program. Originally it included links to various accesses of System IV, as well as a few stupid games and gifs. The website was very primitive, and more of a test in order to become familiar with we hosting. At this time there were no plans to move the website to the World Wide Web. It was accessible via the World Wide Web for a few days when the SuS server was upgraded. This primitive website was most likely deleted just after the migration of System IV.


Since the creation of the Willemstan Wiki, the idea to put the wiki online was toyed with, as at the time it was only accessible from Google Drive. By the time this idea began to take shape, a mysterious internet outage had occurred for the System IV server and it remained off-line until July of 2020, significantly derailing the plans. After the server was moved, System IV was online and accessible by the World Wide Web on the same date, so the plausibility of creating a Willemstan Website was re-explored. It was discovered that purchasing a web domain would be much cheaper than anticipated. On August 19th of 2020, Willemstan.com was purchased under an automatic renewal yearly-lease plan. Later that day, the website was launched. They style of the default page was inspired by the Willemstan Wiki, and was made to parody late 90s websites with low-quality background music. Custom error messages were also added. On August 21st, internet problems changed some IP addresses and broke Willemstan.com, but were quickly fixed.

Migration of the Wiki

On August 24th, Willemstan Wiki pages were migrated to Willemstan.com. From that point forward, monthly Wiki updates would be remotely uploaded to Willemstan.com. On October 1st of 2020, the wiki ceased receiving scheduled updates and the Google Drive for the wiki was left in use only for archival purposes. At some point in October 2020, the original Willemstan.com pages were removed from code references so that the site directly opens the wiki, and is Wiki-focused. The other pages were deleted, with an exception of the error pages. Around this time, JavaScript was heavily integrated with the website, in order to add more functionality, advertisement support, and minor security. More code was added to heavily optimise articles and make the styling consistant. In November of 2020, wiki.willemstan.com was deleted as a valid URL because the website automatically opens the wiki.

Domains of the website, past and present