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Abuse of the Williamston High School Logo

Rewrite Needed

This article was last updated on November 28th of 2020.

Image at the top of the screen.

The athletic logo for Williamston High School.


This is the "Athletic Logo.png" file. It contains the signature Williamston "W", as well as the green hornet, the mascot for Williamston High School. Together these are commonly found around the school and are consistantly used to represent Williamston Community Schools. Most significantly, the image is used as the wallpaper for all of the school computers and Chromebooks. As such, replacing the wallpaper has been a goal since the beginning, as replacing it would be a major achievement and advertise Willemstan. It is from this logo that Willemstan has created many logos of its own. This article details all of the Willemstan logos, most of which have been influenced by the school logo.

First Willemstan Logo

This was the first flag/logo for Willemstan, and was created sometime in late 2018. Rather than promoting Willemstan in general, the flag promotes the WE-PP, also known as the Willemstan Extremist Political Party.

Willemstan Industrial Union Logo

The first Willemstan flag/logo to actual feature the word "Willemstan" in full. This was created as a logo for the Willemstan Industrial Union, as a way to brand the Comrades' Choice franchise. Today, this logo is still used as the logo for the Willemstan Industrial Union.

Other Versions of the Willemstan Logo

Offbrand Willemtan Logo

Because only a few Willemstan members had the Willemstan Industrial Union file, another logo was produced. Notice how the white and black outlines are wrong, compared to the original. This is because this image was just a recoloring of the Williamston "W", and not an authentic color switch. This was created sometime in 2019.

This was created as a wallpaper file, used to replace the wallpaper on the school computers. This was made from the school wallpaper. This was made sometime in 2019, or maybe even 2018.

Willemstan Logos Produced via Antarctica Slave Labor

A seperate Discord server known as Antarctica had a large member overlap with the Willemstan Discord Server. Antartica also happened to have a penal colony, in which some of the work involved the manufacturing Willemstan propaganda. All of the Willemstan Logos from the Antarctica Penal Colony were created by Ethan R.

The first logo created from Antartican Penal Labor. Created on February 11th of 2020.

The second logo created from Antartican Penal Labor. Created on March 21st of 2020.

The third logo created from Antartican Penal Labor. Created on March 21st of 2020. To quote Ethan: "The green and black represent the no weed or juuls at Willamston, the orange represents the basketball scholarships, and do I need to explain all of the white?"

HD Versions of the Willemstan Logo

These were created for the Willemstan Wiki. This was nessisary because all of the previous logos/flags were in a very low resolution. These were created in 2020.

HD Original Style Willemstan Logo. Today, this logo is mainly used for the wiki and Willemstan in general.

HD Offbrand Style Willemstan Logo

Post-Wiki Willemstan Logos

These logos were created after the Willemstan Wiki finished development, and mark the more modern era of Willemstan Logo development.

A modified version of the HD Willemstan Logo, meant for spooktober. Made in October of 2020 by Andrew M.

A modified version of the HD Willemstan Logo, meant for the month of December. Made in December of 2020 by Ian H.