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How To Watch

You can tune into WENIS with basically any TV set within about 6 miles of the broadcast antenna. You should be west of this location.

Next, you need a TV. Any LCD TV should work, and most CRT TVs shoudl work. Some older CRT TVs will not work (specifically ones that only have a dial for tuning, and do not have buttons). The TV needs to be cable-TV capable (which basically every TV you've ever come across is). Channel 60 uses a different frequency for antenna TV and cable TV, WENIS broadcasts on teh channel 60 cable TV frequency.

Now, you need to set this TV to cable mode. Please note that if you have cable TV without a cable box, or exclusively have antenna TV, tuning into WENIS will make watching normal channels an inconvenience, because your channel presets will be erased. There are other solutions though, which I will discuss later. So, set the TV to cable mode most likely within its onboard menus, although some very old CRT TVs might have a physical switch on them somewhere. If you are unsure on how to do this on your TV, consult the owner's manual, or ask me. I can probably figure it out.

Next you need to attach an antenna. TV antennas have worked the same way since TV was invented, so any antenna should work. The antenna will screw into the coaxial connector on your TV (this connector).

Now, if you have an LCD TV, you should enter the menus and make sure that the TV is set to decode both analog and digital TV signals. If you have attached the antenna, now tune to channel 60. If teh TV shows complete static, or no signal at all, make sure the antenna is attached correctly, and that you are near enough to WENIS. If the TV can be moved, try going to a higher area or putting the antenna near a window. If a video signal appears, but is faint and noisy, keep moving the antenna aorund. You should be able to find a sweet spot where the picture is best. You are now tuned in to WENIS and can watch at any time.

Any further questions, or problems, do not hesitate to contact me at admin@willemstan.com or on Discord.